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Free Visual Ping

Free Visual Ping - a replacement of the standard ping utility

         Free Visual Ping
         Free Visual Trace Route
         Free Visual Ping
         Free Visual Trace Route

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Free Visual Ping

Free Visual Ping is a network diagnostic tool for Windows platforms. Using this tool you can monitor TCP/IP targets, by sending packages to those targets and viewing the received packages result over a detailed list and a graph.
Free Visual Ping is an easy to use replacement for the standard ping utility. But what is "ping"? The ping process verifies connectivity to a host on your local area network or on the Internet. Ping sends an ICMP "echo request" as a data packet to a remote device and displays the results for each "echo reply." This exchange is called "pinging".
Ping sends one packet per a period of time of your choice and prints and draw one line of output for every response received. When ping terminates, it displays a brief summary of round-trip times and packet loss statistics. Round trip times indicate the time (in milliseconds) it takes for the packet to get to the remote host and a response to arrive back. This time varies depending on network load.



Easy to use, predictable interface.
Complete control of parameters.
Detailed and complete results.
Real time results of the pinging process.
Very detailed results window
Graph showing a visual state of the pinging process.
Desktop and start menu launching.
Command prompt launching.
Command prompt launching WITH parameters.
It's FREE.

Free Visual Ping is a cool replacement tool for the standard ping utility. It has all the functions of the standard tool, and many more. First of all, is much easier to use. Just enter the host, and hit Start. The results of the pinging process are showed to you in real time, in accurate time measures, with detailed information. You can view the statistics of the process in real time, after each sent and received packet. The graph displayed at the bottom of the main window helps you to have even a more exact view over the pinging process results.
You can start the program in 5 ways: from your desktop icon or from the program group manager of the start menu; from the Start/Run box; from the Start/Run with parameters to set your desired Time Out, Packet size
. Pause and Count values; make a shortcut of the application on the desktop. Name it "Ping YourDesiredHost", set the parameters in the properties of the shortcut, and then, just launch the application from that shortcut and the pinging process will start with all the parameters of your choice already set. The last way to start the program is from Command Prompt, from where you can start it with or without parameters.

Free Visual Ping is easy to use, reliable, flexible, and free

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